CBD Skincare: One Man’s Review on AdvoCANNA

When I was approached by Kim and Alex with “an opportunity of a lifetime” the last thing on my mind was to try a face wash, but alas, here we are. To say I was a bit confused, and frankly disappointed, would be an understatement. I thought the only people who use premium face washes were soccer moms, men who consume drinks with their pinkies up, and greasy teenagers who’s faces look eerily similar to the rough side of a sponge. Thankfully however, Kim and Alex assured me that even though those individuals do make up some of their customers, premium face washes could be enjoyed by nearly everyone.

In all seriousness, I was tapped by the ladies of AdvoCANNA to write this piece specifically for that reason: I am embarrassingly ignorant to the face care industry as a whole. I have, what Kim so eloquently described as, “virgin skin.” The only past experience I have with any sort of face wash was with what’s probably considered the Voldemort of the face cleanser industry – ProActiv. Yes, sadly the late night infomercials got me. But that’s it, aside from my desperate middle school attempt to reel in my puberty with ProActiv I’ve had no other experience with any facial cleanser. It’s been good ol’ soap and water for me ever since.

When the shipment arrived at my doorstep, I opened the box to find 3 pearl white bottles staring back at me: Refresh, the facial cleanser. Mist, the facial toner. Balance, the facial moisturizer. I had the general gist of how to use them, but they came with easy-to-follow instruction printed right on the label.

The changes my skin went through were pretty dramatic and altogether happened pretty quickly. And trust me, I’m not just saying that. I had the luxury of being in contact directly with Kim and Alex during this whole process, and even they were surprised with how quickly my face had begun to transform. Within a week I was already beginning to see a noticeable difference with my skin. They attributed the speed and veracity at which the product was working to the fact that I was going from literally nothing, washing my face with a bar of soap, to a fully fleshed out face wash protocol.

Again, let me apologize beforehand for my lack of understanding and ability to use clinical terms in any real capacity to explain what I’m about to describe. I wouldn’t describe my skin before using Advocanna as being in poor shape, just your normal wear and tear. I struggled with acne through my teenage years and, in general, have skin that falls more on the greasy end of the spectrum (thanks mom!). I wouldn’t say that I have severe acne scarring by any stretch, but my face definitely has its share of some dips and dives on it. It’s almost like it’s a bit rough or uneven. Personally, that’s where I noticed the biggest change with Advocanna.

It was almost like the products filled in that unevenness and smoothed out my complexion. Rather than my forehead and temples broadcasting the insecurities of an adolescent teenager, my skin began to look smoother, more even, and all-around more vibrant. It transformed my face and my perception on the industry as a whole mostly because it was so damn easy. It’s not like I had to go through some expensive procedure or slog through some lengthy, time-consuming routine every day. It was honestly like an additional 2 minutes to my daily routine. That’s it, and the results speak for themselves.

I may not be the exact client Kim and Alex had envisioned when they first started their company, hell I might not be the client any company in this industry envisions. The skin care industry is something most guys have a faint understanding of like the rules of soccer or how to please a woman. The ladies at AdvoCANNA made it simple, accessible, and most importantly effective. I may not be in their key demographic, but they made a believer out of me nonetheless.

Written by: Michael Lanwehr

30 year old male / Non-skincare user turned CBD skincare believer after 30 days of using AdvoCANNA every day, morning and night, in a 3-step routine. Head coach at Maxability Sports and Crossfit in Teaneck, NJ. 

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